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Markenstrategie von Drogenkartellen. Ganz wie Google oder Amazon.

Dies ist ein absolutes Muss-WATCH! Yale-Professor Rodrigo Canales weist darauf hin, wie Drogenkartelle als multinationale Unternehmen arbeiten, mit Milliarden von Dollar Umsatz, schnellen Lieferungen, ultra-effizienten Vertriebsketten und sorgfältig orchestrierter PR. Beeindruckend.


Canales points out that illegal drugs are a $60 billion market (wholesale) in the U.S., which is just about the yearly revenue of Microsoft. And everything the cartels do is part of “integrated strategy” to pursue this market--including a strong organizational structure, tempting incentives, and good brand management.

Up to 100,000 people died in drug-related violence in Mexico in the last 6 years. We might think this has nothing to do with us, but in fact we are all complicit, says Yale professor Rodrigo Canales in this unflinching talk that turns conventional wisdom about drug cartels on its head.